Pitian Patian is restructuring their care sessions and this will mean that the care offered will be on an hourly basis with a minimum of 2 hours available.

Structure of available care:

  • Full week 5 days up to 10 hours a day = £170.00 (£37 x 5 days =£185 a saving of £15 for the 5th day)
  • Cost per hour (minimum 3 hours) £4.75 per hour
  • Lunch cost £2.50
  • Snack £1.50
  • Full Day £37.00 (Food included)

We offer a pick up and drop off service between 7.45 -8.15 am and 4.45-5.15 pm for £4.00 ( £2 each way) within a 6 mile radius and £6 a day within a 10 mile radius.

Cost for Club children £5.00 per hour including transport and tea.

All care will be offered on the hour from 7.30a.m. onwards.

A full day is available from 7.30 – 5.30./ 8.00-6.00

We will now be re calculating every customer’s costing in the nursery and there will be an opportunity for you to make changes if you wish. Whilst introducing these changes we will ensure that no extra charges are incurred to our existing customers. If we discover that the care is cheaper then your charges will be adjusted as soon as possible.

What are childcare vouchers?

If you work and pay for childcare, your employer might be able to help with some of your childcare costs. Childcare vouchers are one way they can do this. For more information go to

We currently accept the following Childcare vouchers:-
• Edenred (
• Saycare Pass by Sodexo (
• Computershare voucher services (
• Kiddivouchers (
• Cyngor Gwynedd 

If you use a different voucher scheme please let us know and we can arrange to join them.